How Hoodia Can Help You Suppress Appetite

When it comes to finding the right diet supplement, you could consider appetite suppressants that can help you avoid food cravings for hours. Appetite suppressants come in different forms – some are made from synthetic chemical substances that alter your brain signals to reduce your craving for food, while others are made from plant-based, natural ingredients such as hoodia.

The difference lies in the fact that UniqueHoodia is manufactured from hoodia gordonii, a plant that was first discovered among the Sans tribesmen in South Africa. There are several varieties of the hoodia plant, but only the hoodia gordonii has appetite controlling properties. The indigenous tribes in South Africa used hoodia gordonii whenever they have to go on long hunting trips and long hours with no food nor water.

Unlike other diet pills that also try to suppress appetite, UniqueHoodia does not contain toxic ingredients (like phentermine and other amphetamine-based chemicals) which can sometimes be habit forming. Taking the wrong appetite suppressants can also lead to other symptoms such as increased heart palpitations, diarrhea, insomnia, stomach cramps and even difficulty in breathing.

At the worst, chemical substances in some appetite suppressants can lead to coronary heart disease and liver complications, and in rare cases, even death.

Highly Recommended UniqueHoodia

UniqueHoodia comes highly recommended as a natural appetite suppressant by thousands who are now experiencing permanent weight loss because of it. Hoodia can reduce your food intake by at least 50% and cut your caloric intake to as much as 2,000 calories daily.

UniqueHoodia has passed all certification requirements and has been proven to be effective in reducing weight because of its potent appetite suppressing properties. To date, this is the number one natural appetite suppressant because of its safe and effective formula. It is made from hoodia gordonii powder, not just an extract of hoodia, like other hoodia products are.

Several brands of hoodia products have entered the market lately, that people looking for the right diet supplement may get confused and have a hard time choosing the right hoodia pill. Hoodia has gained popularity in recent years, because of its natural appetite suppressing properties. It was originally used by the Sans tribesmen in South Africa who needed to feel full even during long hours of not eating or drinking water, while they are on their hunting trips. Today, thousands are using hoodia pills to suppress their appetite the natural way. However, not all hoodia pills are alike, so if you plan on using hoodia as a weight loss supplement, you need to pay attention to the information below:

1. Hoodia extracts are NOT made from 100% hoodia.

There are many products claiming to be made from 100% hoodia, and yet when you check the ingredients list, you will find the words hoodia extract. An extract may mean the manufacturers used a part of the plant (frequently the flowers and the leaves) and not the whole core, where the main ingredient responsible for weight loss, P57 can be found. Some manufacturers also use other fillers such as caffeine or they may also use other varieties of hoodia, which do not contain P57. Only the specie, hoodia gordonii contains this magic element, and so, this is considered as the only authentic hoodia source that can lead to weight loss.

2. Some hoodia pills are made from the wrong part of the plant.

As mentioned above, P57 can only be found at the core of the hoodia gordonii plant. Since this is a rare specie which is quite expensive and difficult to import, some manufacturers try to scrimp and use other parts of the hoodia plant to lower their costs. These hoodia products are often sold cheaply, but they do not contribute any significant positive effect on weight loss.

3. Most hoodia pills would offer you free trials, but they automatically sign you up for auto shipment.

This is one of the biggest scams among hoodia pill manufacturers! They may lure you into signing up for free trials, but you would soon find out that unsubscribing yourself to their auto ship policy is extremely difficult. After the trial period, you will find your credit card being debited regularly, even after you have signified that you are no longer interested in the product. Reversing charges from your credit card can be a long, frustrating process.

Hoodia is the most preferred brand of dieters who use hoodia products for losing weight. It is certified by a leading lab analyst, Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, for only containing 100% hoodia powder, made from authentic hoodia gordonii. It has been helping people lose weight by suppressing their appetites naturally and has been helping people reduce calories to as much as 2,000 daily.

In choosing your hoodia pill brand, do your research first, before you make your purchase. Make sure that your choice is only made up of 100% hoodia gordonii so that you can enjoy the full benefits of this amazing plant.