Phentermine was considered the most popular substance that was used in many diet supplements several years back. It was marketed as a revolutionary, fast acting ingredient which promises incredible weight loss results, and many manufacturing firms came up with their own brands of diet supplements containing phentermine.

There was rampant use of these weight loss pills with phentermine and sales peaked in the millions. However, complaints from regular users of these diet supplements started coming from different directions. People who regularly used diet pills with phentermine in them complained about rapid heart beats, insomnia, high blood pressure, nausea and other health conditions. It did not take that long before the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued a ban on products with phentermine, and soon many online pharmaceutical stores were no longer allowed to sell these products online without doctors prescriptions.

However, the number of people who were able to lose weight using phentermine did not stop clamoring for an alternative that can produce the same benefits they enjoyed with the banned ingredient. They ended up buying either phentermine fake pills that were being sold at the black market for ridiculously high prices, or cheap herbal alternatives that did not produce the same weight loss results as phentermine.

In 2009, RDK Pharmaceuticals developed what is considered as todays number one weight loss alternative which offers the same fast fat burning results as phentermine, but without the adverse health risks. The company was able to synthesize four chemicals that when blended together, produced phen375 a fat burner and appetite suppressant in one. These chemicals are 1-3 dimethylpentylamine, L-carnitine, Trimethylxanthine, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), each contributing to the powerful fat burning and appetite suppressing properties of Phen375.

As patrons of Phen375 increase, more and more people achieve their weight loss goals, without exposing themselves to potential health risks. This product is manufactured in FDA approved laboratories in California, which means that production is well supervised to attain quality and assure safety.

Some of the benefits that Phen375 give its regular users are:

  • fast weight loss
  • increased stamina
  • improved health due to the increased DHEA which is often found lacking among adults
  • improved blood cholesterol levels
  • better self image due to a well toned, slimmer body
  • better control on food cravings

If you have been searching for an alternative to the once well known diet supplement, phentermine, make sure that you are not settling for a poor copycat that may also put your health at risk. Making an informed choice is crucial when it comes to purchasing diet supplements, because taking the wrong weight loss product may have dangerous effects on your health that may be irreversible.

Always read the labels of the weight loss solutions being offered in the market today to know what their active ingredients are. Make sure that you are consuming diet supplements that are legal, non-toxic and can really live up to their promises of fast weight loss.

Reading reviews on diet products can help you make an informed choice.