Do a Google search on the phrase, hoodia gordonii and you will see thousands of websites trying to convince you to try their unique Hoodia extract. The truth is if most of these products are only offering an extract from a part of the hoodia plant, and not the hoodia itself, then you are getting shortchanged!

Authentic hoodia gordonii supplements should contain no additives, and should not just contain a part of the hoodia plant. However, from a research done by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, it was discovered that about 80% of so hoodia gordonii capsules that they tested are not made of pure hoodia gordonii!

So how then can you protect yourself from the hoodia extract controversy? How can you tell the real thing from the copycats? Well, one thing that can give you a clue is the supplements ingredient list. Authentic hoodia pills would indicate the ingredients used, and would usually contain only three extra ingredients aside from the hoodia gelatine, stearic acid and magnesium stearate. Now these ingredients do not take away the purity of hoodia. These are the ingredients used for the capsule casing that contains the powdered hoodia gordonii.

It is when you find other ingredients in the list that you should pay attention. There are some hoodia pills that contain a lot of fillers inside the 400 mg capsule. You could also know more about a certain brand by checking its website or reading hoodia gordonii reviews that you can find on the internet.

Although there are so many low quality hoodia pills in the market today, there stands out some brands that have been trusted for years now, because they contain the purest hoodia. One such brand is UniqueHoodia, which has CITES certificates to prove their authenticity. Check the ingredient list of this product, and you will only see the purest hoodia gordonii in powdered form. You also get an additional 60 mg per capsule.

Heres what you get for every UniqueHoodia capsule:

  • 100% genuine, pure Hoodia straight from the hoodia gordonii plant
  • 10,000 times appetite suppression properties
  • 2,000 calorie reduction daily

With all these benefits, it is no wonder that many people are buying UniqueHoodia and placing their repeat orders. Even though the manufacturers of UniqueHoodia offer a 100% money back guarantee, there are very few users who have asked for refunds.

Unique Hoodia can help you lose stubborn pounds. Unlike other brands that offer only hoodia extracts, you get the powdered form of the hoodia gordonii core in every capsule of UniqueHoodia that you take every day.