The most common health advice for those who are trying to lose weight is to go on a low calorie diet and do regular physical exercises that can help reduce pounds. However, this advice is not that easy to follow for most people who are often too busy to work out or to constantly monitor their calorie intake. For such people, taking fat burning pills allow them to lose weight without really going through rigorous physical exercise or giving up their favorite foods.

How Do Fat Burning Pills Work

Several fat burning pills are available in drug stores, health stores, and even online stores. Some of these are prescription only, while others can be easily bought over-the-counter. Fat burning pills aim to increase metabolism and usually aids the body to burn fats faster. During periods of high metabolism, the bodys demand for energy also increases. When these fat burners are taken together with appetite suppressants, there is little food consumption, and so the body then turns to stored fats for energy, which then leads to weight loss.

Risks Associated With Fat Burning Pills

For many years, these fat burners often had ephedra in them. Some are based on natural, organic ingredients, such as those with bitter orange, which actually is similar in chemical content with ephedra. The Food and Drug Administration later on banned ephedra-based weight loss products, due to the various side effects associated with them. These include increases in blood pressure, rapid heart beat, insomnia, dizziness and nausea and general fatigue. There were several reports of heart attacks, strokes and seizures related to ephedra which alerted the FDA and caused them to pull these ephedra- based fat burning pills off the market.

One of the most popular products that were banned for sale by the FDA were the Hydroxycut products, which were found to adversely affect the heart and the liver. In 2009, the FDA ruled that these products were no longer safe for human consumption, and therefore, were pulled from the market.

Choosing The Right Fat Burning Pills

Despite the fact that there are many fat burners which are considered risky, there are also some that produce amazing weight loss results, without the dreaded side effects. In choosing the right fat burning pills, look for the following:

  • Clinical data to prove that the product is safe and effective
  • Client testimonials
  • Full money back guarantee and
  • A disclosure on the product website of its ingredients.

One fat burning pill that fulfills all the above requirements is Phen375, which is composed of pharmacological grade chemicals that are blended in FDA approved clinical laboratories in California. It has several clinical trials to back up its claim of effectively losing 5-10 pounds in two weeks time, and to prove its safety and efficacy, its manufacturers also provide a full money back guarantee. It has no side effects, not addictive nor risky to health, and can be used for a long term weight loss program.

Fat burning pills can produce fast results, but these results can only be maintained by a change in lifestyle and diet. Getting the right information about the diet pills that are available in the market today will help you choose the right fat burners that can help you lose weight the fast and safe way.

Fat Binders Do They Work?

When was the last time you actually had enough will power to step on the weighing scale and check how heavy you are?
The minute you accept that you are overweight, the brain seems to tell you that you should avoid checking your weight, as it will only pull you into depression.

While some people who are overweight would have this kind of attitude, there are others who would not cease seeking for the right fat loss solution that can help them with their weight issues.

Although websites, magazines, books and yes, even doctors would often tell us that the only way one can lose weight is through diet and exercise, lets face it this is often easier said than done. For faster results, many people would turn to diet pills that promise immediate weight loss sans the dreaded exercises and the demanding diet. These weight loss supplements often fall under two categories the fat binders and the appetite suppressants, depending on the active ingredients in them. Sometimes, there are products that function as both appetite suppressant and fat binders.

Its easy enough to understand appetite suppressants these are natural or synthetic products that are formulated to alter the chemical make up of the brain, increase serotonin and stop the feeling of hunger. Fat binders, on the other hand, work inside the intestines, and help in absorbing the fats from the foods you eat. Fat absorption is prevented, and weight loss happens quite naturally.

How Do Fat Binders Work

Fat binders are usually made of natural fibers that can attract the fat molecules in the digestive tract. The binded fats become too large to be absorbed and so the body simply passes them out naturally. These all happens inside the stomach all it takes is a pre-ingested fat binder taken prior to your heavy meals. There are lesser side effects with fat binders, the most usual of which is loose stools and diarrhea.

What is The Best Fat Binder?

Diet pills which act both as appetite suppresants and fat binders provide the highest efficacy when it comes to fast weight loss. One such product that contains a blend of natural products that act as an appetite suppressant and a fat binder is Proactol. This diet pill is made from organic and natural plant extracts, guaranteed not to cause any allergies, nor to contain any preservatives that may be toxic to the body.