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Author: Erik Fields

Do Fat Burning Pills Work?

The most common health advice for those who are trying to lose weight is to go on a low calorie diet and do regular physical exercises that can help reduce pounds. However, this advice is not that easy to follow for most people who are often too busy to work out or to constantly monitor their calorie intake. For such people, taking fat burning pills allow them to lose weight without really going through rigorous physical exercise or giving up their favorite foods. How Do Fat Burning Pills Work Several fat burning pills are available in drug stores, health...

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Stop Snacking At Work!

If you find yourself constantly snacking at work, do not feel too bad you are not alone! Most people know that frequent snacks can slowly add up those pounds, especially if snacks are the sugary and calorie loaded types. How many times have you vowed to yourself at the start of your working day not to even think of snacking at work? Yet by midday, you fell your stomach rumbling and the thought of food simply wont go away? So you check the time, thinking it must be getting close to lunch, only to see that its only 10:00...

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Suppress Your Appetite with Hoodia

How Hoodia Can Help You Suppress Appetite When it comes to finding the right diet supplement, you could consider appetite suppressants that can help you avoid food cravings for hours. Appetite suppressants come in different forms – some are made from synthetic chemical substances that alter your brain signals to reduce your craving for food, while others are made from plant-based, natural ingredients such as hoodia. The difference lies in the fact that UniqueHoodia is manufactured from hoodia gordonii, a plant that was first discovered among the Sans tribesmen in South Africa. There are several varieties of the hoodia...

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Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

True, effective weight loss has many people baffled. What is the best way to lose weight? How do I know if my diet is really working? A lot of people struggle with these questions every day in their battle to keep a healthy weight and look as good as they can. If you are one of these people, check out these 10 quick weight loss tips to get your started out on the right foot. Youll be on your way to losing weight in no time. 1- Reduce your calorie intake A gram of fat has two times the...

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Phentermine Alternative Reviews

Phentermine was considered the most popular substance that was used in many diet supplements several years back. It was marketed as a revolutionary, fast acting ingredient which promises incredible weight loss results, and many manufacturing firms came up with their own brands of diet supplements containing phentermine. There was rampant use of these weight loss pills with phentermine and sales peaked in the millions. However, complaints from regular users of these diet supplements started coming from different directions. People who regularly used diet pills with phentermine in them complained about rapid heart beats, insomnia, high blood pressure, nausea and...

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